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BCG Partners with Hello Tomorrow

BCG is a strategic partner to Hello Tomorrow, an international nonprofit that promotes early-stage deep-technology startups. Their aim is to solve some of the biggest industrial and societal challenges by propelling deep-tech solutions from the lab to the market.

Since the formation of our partnership in 2017, Hello Tomorrow has granted BCG—and our clients—early access to emerging technologies, as well as a network of over 3,000 deep-tech startups across 22 industries, from health care to energy to consumer to agriculture. Together we produce joint publications and engage in global events.

In our role as Hello Tomorrow's exclusive global consulting partner, we have studied the critical role of large companies in the broad ecosystem that supports deep-tech startups—including how those big players can partner with startups to develop unique, proprietary, and hard-to-reproduce advances in technology and science.

What is Deep Tech?

Deep tech, or deep technologies, are novel technologies that represent significant advances over those currently in use. Three attributes characterize deep tech in business: the potential to have a big impact, substantial development time, and a significant capital investment.

Our Insights on Deep Tech

Why Business Must Invest in Deep Tech Startups

Why Business Must Invest in Deep Tech Startups

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The Current and Future State of Quantum Computing

Novel technologies promise cutting-edge innovations corporations can’t develop alone. But they also demand massive investment and new ways of working with complex ecosystems.

Diving into Deep Tech

Deep tech globally is attracting an unprecedented amount of interest and activity—and the rise of the deep tech ecosystem is one of the more interesting business developments of our time.

Introducing Deep Tech as the New Tech

Arnaud de la Tour talks about his career path and what led him to found Hello Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization that propels innovation from the lab to the market.

BCG Cofounds Deep Tech Week

BCG is one of five organizations sponsoring the global gathering of innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, and business leaders in Paris on March 9-13, 2020. The event will highlight and accelerate deep tech’s emerging solutions.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

The 2020 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit will take place in Paris, on March 12-13. It offers founders and investors—whether corporate or academic—the opportunity to step into tomorrow. They will travel to a place where organ shortages no longer exist, our clothes are biofabricated, and travelling thousands of miles across the planet takes just a few hours. Attendees, both physical and virtual, are invited to expand their perceptions of tomorrow, through a program packed with visionary keynotes and expert panels.

BCG has been participating in the annual Hello Tomorrow Global Summits since 2016, bringing an active delegation of both BCGers and clients. Each summit is attended by thousands of deep tech experts and enthusiasts. In 2020, BCG is joining five founding organizations in launching Deep Tech Week in conjunction with the summit to expand the exploration and advancement of deep tech’s emerging solutions. Deep Tech Week will be held in Paris from March 9-13.

Insights from the 2019 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Insights from the 2019 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Insights from the 2019 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Identifying and Solving Political Challenges Associated with AI

Is Fusion the Future of Energy?

Deep Tech Solutions Could Revolutionize Transportation

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