Meet Nora Altwaijri

"I wanted to be an active contributor to the BCG purpose, which is unlocking the potential of those who can advance the world."

Nora Altwaijri headshot
Nora Altwaijri

Choosing BCG

I joined BCG in Riyadh in December 2020 as a business analyst after graduating from Jeel Tamooh, BCG’s talent development program for youth in Saudi Arabia. I’m now a consultant.

Jeel Tamooh gave me access to top-tier employers in Saudi Arabia. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt that BCG was my natural home—where I could explore different topics across various industries. I could become an active contributor to the BCG purpose—unlocking the potential of those who can advance the world.

Process versus creativity

I’m trained as a software engineer, so process and attention to detail are important to me. But I also enjoy creating string art, where you wrap string around nails on a board to make shapes and patterns. It’s a form of meditative creative expression. These represent two sides of me, and I find that my work with BCG fulfills both. Finding solutions to client challenges is a creative process, but implementation requires a systematic approach.

Giving back to the community

BCG’s values touched me because I’m a true believer in giving back to the community. In fact, I’d been working with the United Nations Development Program as a Young Leader in their Generation 17 initiative to spread awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and encourage action. Now my work with BCG also helps me contribute to positive change in Saudi Arabia.

The Riyadh spirit

It’s incredible being a young person in Riyadh at the moment. It’s a vibrant city, and there’s tremendous change happening. And of course, young people are a large proportion of the population. So there’s a wonderful energy as we see change happening all around us, and are actively contributing to it. Every day, I bring this sense of dynamism to my work at BCG as well.

A project that has changed my perspective

I was never very into sports, but my work with BCG has changed that. Saudi Arabia is becoming a hub for sporting events, and I’ve been working on BCG projects involving bringing large sporting events to the country. I’m now interested in sports both on the ground, and in terms of the planning and advocacy that goes into supporting large events. My family is thrilled because they’re all sports enthusiasts.