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BCG in Rio de Janeiro

Rua Lauro Müller, 116 
27o. andar – Cjs # 2701 / 2702
Rio de Janeiro 22290-160

T +55 21 2546 5050

F +55 21 2546 5051

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Office Administrator

Consultant Recruiting

Nanci Bertani

Recruiting Coordinator

São Paulo

Alumni and Media

Bruno Zani

Marketing Coordinator

São Paulo

Featured News

Meet the “Multilatinas 2018”

Meet the “Multilatinas 2018”

Key Factors that Enabled 100 Elite Latin American Companies to Outperform Regional Peers

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Present for the Future

How will Brazil look in the next 20 years? In a state of constant transformation, this country changes as quickly as the daily news, creating new opportunities in diverse industry sectors. This book reveals inspirations, expectations, and perspectives on a future that has already arrived, through the eyes of current BCG Brazil partners in 2017.

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 Private Equity Strategies for Brazil’s New Economic Reality

Private Equity Strategies for Brazil’s New Economic Reality

After a rapid boom (and bust), the country now offers strong options for firms looking to diversify in an emerging market. To capitalize, they’ll need to focus on five priorities.

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Disruption Coming to Your Home: Decentralized Solar Generation in Brazil

Decentralized Solar Generation is already a reality in Brazil, and should show a high growth in the next years - due to the high solar irradiation economic incentives (explicit or not) for users to adopt this solution. We describe possible scenarios for future adoption, and suggest possible patterns of response by utilities.

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Understanding Brazil’s Workforce in a Troubled Time

As Brazil struggles with a recession and low productivity, the problem of motivating employees takes on heightened importance. A new analysis shows that work-life balance and workplace relationships matter more to Brazilian workers than salary and bonuses.

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