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BCG Australia and New Zealand commit to ‘Raising the Bar’

For twenty years, BCG has been committed to supporting and engaging indigenous businesses to create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Twenty years ago this began with using our consulting skills to support the start-up of Indigenous businesses in remote Cape York. Now we are delighted to be a member of Raising the Bar—a Business Council of Australia initiative that is helping to create the social and economic conditions in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people all over Australia can prosper and thrive.


When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

Companies in Australia invest both time and money in diversity initiatives, yet most employees in diverse groups—women, ethnically diverse individuals, and LGBTQ employees—say they have not benefited. A key problem: the leaders at most organisations don’t understand the real-world obstacles that diverse employees face. These companies can start making real progress once they focus on the initiatives that diverse employees themselves say are effective. New BCG analysis, based on a comprehensive worldwide survey, shows how.

Whistleblower Policy

Here at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) we place great importance on fostering a culture that encourages employees and others that partner with BCG to speak up about issues or conduct that concerns them. Our Values clearly prohibit any illegal conduct, and, at their core, capture how we aspire to serve our clients, engage with society and, most importantly, treat our fellow BCGers. Should you have any reason for concern, please click on the below link to access our Whistleblower Policy for more information in regards to ways in which you can raise an (anonymous) complaint.

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Voluntary Tax Transparency Code (TTC)

The Boston Consulting Group Pty Ltd (BCG) supports the Australian Government’s objective for corporations to provide additional information to assist the public to understand their tax contribution and compliance with Australia’s tax laws. BCG has signed up to the Voluntary Tax Transparency Code (TTC).

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Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is made on behalf of The Boston Consulting Group Pty Ltd. This statement sets out the steps that we have taken to ensure that modern slavery is not taking place within our operations or supply chains. This statement is made pursuant to sections 13 to 16 of the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018.

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