BCG Partners with Hello Tomorrow

BCG is a strategic partner to Hello Tomorrow, a global initiative that transforms breakthrough discoveries in science and technology into products and services. By propelling deep tech solutions from lab to market, Hello Tomorrow promotes the improvement of human and planetary health and the development of sustainable businesses.

Since the formation of our partnership in 2017, Hello Tomorrow has granted BCG—and our clients—early access to emerging technologies, as well as a network of over 3,000 expert-reviewed, top deep tech startups across 22 industries, from health care to energy to consumer to agriculture. Together we produce joint publications and engage in global events.

Through nine editions, the Hello Tomorrow Global Startup Challenge has received 30,000 applications from 132 countries. They have partnered with universities and research institutions worldwide to identify deep tech solutions that have real global impact. Through their international events, Hello Tomorrow connects key players to harness their full potential. 

In our role as Hello Tomorrow's exclusive global consulting partner, we have studied the critical role of large companies in the broad ecosystem that supports deep tech startups—including how those big players can partner with startups to develop unique, proprietary, and hard-to-reproduce advances in technology and science.

Featured Insights

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Meeting the Challenges of Deep Tech Investing

Although deep tech ventures are still in the early stages of industry penetration, the field is already accelerating more quickly than many experts expected. Dive deeper into our report, where we explain a new investment model, catalyzed by the specific and unique demands of this field. Originally launched in May 2021, rediscover our insights, now translated into Portuguese. You can discover our original report here.

BCG Hello Tomorrow Cleaner Energy | rectangle

Cleaner Energies

To effectively address our fossil fuel usage and emission impact, we must take active steps toward an energy transition. Hello Tomorrow and BCG investigate how deep tech start-up solutions are building the energy infrastructure of the future.

How Deep Tech Could Shape the Future

How do companies like SpaceX make sudden breakthroughs? BCG Managing Director & Senior Partner Antoine Gourévitch explains how deep tech's new approach to innovation unlocks solutions to decades-old challenges.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

As part of BCG’s deep tech mission, BCG and Hello Tomorrow come together to shape and apply the deep-tech innovation approach, and analyze the impact of emerging technologies on industries. The 2023 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit welcomed 3,000 experts from startups, investment funds, corporations, and universities over two days in Paris. These undeniably inspiring, dedicated, and bold players at the forefront of the deep tech ecosystem gathered to analyze, inspire, nurture, and build the future we all need. BCG has been participating in the annual Hello Tomorrow Global Summits since 2016, with BCG and clients attending both as guest speakers and sitting on the Global Startup Challenge jury.

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    Identifying and Solving Political Challenges Associated with AI

  • Is Fusion the Future of Energy?

    Is Fusion the Future of Energy?

  • Deep Tech Solutions Could Revolutionize Transportation

    Deep Tech Solutions Could Revolutionize Transportation