Boston Consulting Group Launches a Hub for Ukrainian Talent

  • BCG is connecting talent from Ukraine with job opportunities across the firm through a virtual hub
  • The firm is working closely with NGOs supporting frontline operations
  • BCG develops technology solutions in partnership with governments and NGOs to connect refugees with housing

BOSTON—Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, announced today the launch of a virtual hub for Ukrainian talent, which provides job opportunities at BCG (here). The virtual hub enables easier access for Ukrainian talent to work across the full spectrum of BCG roles. This includes roles in consulting and business services and the firm’s specialist businesses, such as BCG GAMMA, BCG Digital Ventures, or BCG Platinion.

“The displacement of people resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a moment in time when the private sector needs to step in to be part of the solution. We feel it’s important for BCG to provide work opportunities to Ukrainian talent in their new home countries. With the hub, we want to make it seamless for Ukrainian talent to connect to BCG recruiters and onboard," said Christoph Schweizer, Global CEO at BCG.

“The launch of the hub is a continuation of BCG’s efforts to help refugees, which commenced when the war in Ukraine began. This support is comprised of NGO and direct humanitarian support in countries most impacted by the crisis.”

BCG supports the humanitarian crisis with many initiatives across the firm–including projects like Unterkunft-Ukraine in Germany, and the UA SOS initiative in Poland creating online platforms to help Ukrainians find free shelter and short-term accommodation. The Unterkunft-Ukraine platform, in partnership with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, already offers over 360,000 beds for refugees through a secure matching and ID validation process.

Practical support initiatives have included BCG staff providing direct humanitarian support through medical care allocations, building classrooms for Ukrainian children, and providing food, accommodation, clothes, and transportation to refugees crossing the borders.

“We know that this devastating war's long-term impacts have tragic human, social, and economic consequences. The firm is committed to a multi-year support program to help those impacted by the war in Ukraine,” said Matthias Tauber, Regional Chair for BCG in Europe, Middle East, South America and Africa (EMESA).

“I am proud of how the teams at BCG have come together to offer humanitarian support for refugees fleeing from Ukraine. These are examples of initiatives where we support how we can–individually, on the ground, and at a corporate level through strong partnerships with NGOs grappling with the humanitarian crisis.”

BCG is collaborating with NGOs and social impact partners to develop refugee flow modeling and coordinate efforts for frontline distribution and support. Furthermore, the firm launched a global scale fundraising program and committed to matching all individual donations with no upper limit on firm donation matching.

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