Russell Dubner Joins Boston Consulting Group as Senior Partner Focusing on Trust and Leadership, and Global Chief Communications Officer

NEW YORK—Former Edelman Global Vice Chairman Russell Dubner has joined Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as senior partner and global communications officer, a newly created position.

Dubner will lead BCG’s communications teams globally with responsibility for the firm’s positioning and reputation. He will advise clients at the intersection of trust, leadership, and stakeholders strategies.

“As BCG reaches new heights, our commitment to leading with integrity, with courage, and with purpose remains unwavering. Russell’s experience and expertise, both with trust and leadership and in running world-class communications, will continue to strengthen our role amongst leaders around the world,” said Christoph Schweizer, BCG’s global CEO.

“The disruption, accelerated time-frame, and global upheaval of the last two years has only underscored how critical navigating issues around trust is for leaders everywhere. Building on BCG’s work, I look forward to bringing a new lens to the next lines of inquiry and trust-driven transformation for our clients,” said Dubner.

Relying on its foundation of business strategy, BCG has been studying how trust is woven into business ecosystems and traditional organizations as a source of value creation and strategic advantage. According to the authors of a related BCG publication titled, Discovering the Tools and Tactics of Trust in Business Ecosystems, “Mutual trust, as much as mutual interest, binds business ecosystems.”

On his role as CCO, Dubner said, “BCG has traditionally let its client engagements and thought leadership speak for itself; the impact is evident in BCG’s extraordinary growth trajectory. As business leaders face a defining next chapter for capitalism, BCG is ready to meet the moment and embrace its leadership mantle. I am excited to work with the already strong BCG teams to link deeds and words to advance the firm’s public agenda.”

Through bold moves in big data, and digital and AI prowess applied to large-scale organizational transformation, the firm has served some of the world’s most notable organizations and attracts the best minds. The firm is rapidly expanding its expertise in climate and sustainability, responsible AI, and risk to match the pressing challenges global leaders face at the nexus of business, society, and geopolitics.

In this role, Dubner will work closely with and report to BCG’s global CEO, Christoph Schweizer, and BCG’s Global Executive Committee and Operating Committee.

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