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IT Advantage, Fall 2012

Digitization has changed the structure of several industries and the way that many companies compete—and its reach will only expand further. Seizing the opportunities will demand a range of capabilities, perhaps none more important than optimized IT. In fact, we believe that the potential for IT to affect a company’s competitive trajectory has never been greater.

Our Fall 2012 issue of IT Advantage touches on several facets of the intersection of digitization and IT.

  • To help companies play and win in the digital economy, CIOs needs to understand how and where digital forces affect IT and the opportunities that new technology offers their business.
  • For many IT organizations, success in an increasingly digitized world may entail the development of a "second gear," one focused on the company's digital efforts and capable of operating at digital speed.
  • Pierre Dulon, CIO of Crédit Agricole CIB, has engineered a transformation in his company's IT through the application of lean principles.
  • Financial institutions are using the Innovation Value Institute's IT Capability Maturity Framework to better understand and improve the effectiveness of their IT.
  • A recent BCG survey at larger companies revealed that CIOs, once among the cloud's biggest skeptics, are deploying cloud services increasingly aggressively—but they do not see the cloud as a panacea.
  • The key to developing an information strategy to enable value-based health care lies in taking a disciplined, strategic approach to data selection and collection.
  • Governments are collecting ever-larger amounts of data but have yet to determine how best to apply those data to improve outcomes in society.