Beyond BRIC: Winning the Rising Auto Markets

By Nikolaus LangThomas DaunerBenjamin FroweinTenbite ErmiasMasao UkonThomas Bradtke, and Marco Gerrits

The Beyond BRIC markets—the rising automotive markets emerging behind the quartet of Brazil, India, Russia, and China—offer the last great growth opportunity in a world in which established markets are largely characterized by stagnation or low growth and the key stakes have already been distributed in the BRIC markets.

In this report, The Boston Consulting Group presents the challenges and opportunities automotive manufacturers will face in the Beyond BRIC markets and explores the key success factors along the value chain to achieve sustainable success. It is the fourth in the series Winning the Localization Game. (The others are Winning the BRIC Truck BattleWinning the BRIC Auto Markets: Achieving Deep Localization in Brazil, Russia, India, and China; and Winning the Localization Game: How Multinational Automotive OEMs and Suppliers Are Realizing the Strategic Potential of China and India.)