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Global Challengers by the Numbers

This exhibit originally appeared in Allies and Adversaries: 2013 BCG Global Challengers (January 2013).

Over the past five years, more than 1,000 companies headquartered in emerging markets have reached at least $1 billion in annual sales. Many of these organizations are content to focus on their home market, while others are expanding abroad. And many of those that are going overseas are seeking to become global leaders in their industries. These are the global challengers. They are the companies that will shape the global economy over the next decade.

For the fifth time since 2006, BCG has identified 100 global challengers that are shaking up the global economic order. While each of these companies is a success story, collectively they are a potent economic force. Their growth, purchasing power, and job and wealth creation are helping to power the global economy and buoy both economic and social life in the markets in which they operate. Attention must be paid.