A Growth Zealot’s Guide to Commercial Transformation

A new e-book from BCG on Winning with Growth

A Growth Zealot’s Guide to Commercial Transformation sets the stage for companies to trigger new and untapped growth by exploiting the “Go-to-Market Revolution” hidden in their existing marketing, sales, pricing, and other commercial functions. At little cost or risk, companies can create short-term revenue growth that simultaneously funds long-term profit as well as the development of new strategic capabilities.

BCG’s new e-book outlines steps executives can take to rethink and retool their go-to-market commercial capabilities to build revenue quickly now while supporting strategic success in the future.

Six chapters organized by commercial function discuss how companies can define their own customized approach to winning with growth.

Chapter 1: Marketing

Chapter 2: Branding

Chapter 3: Sales

Chapter 4: Pricing

Chapter 5: Consumer and Customer Insight

Chapter 6: Globalization