How Financial Institutions in the Middle East Can Leap-Frog Competitors by Being Agile

Agile in the context of business has been referred to over the last couple of years, but what exactly does it mean?

The definition of agile by BCG is a team-centered, iterative, and cross-functional approach that can be applied across industries and business contexts. Agile prioritises speed, autonomy, and collaboration to unlock the hidden potential of organizations. The key to getting agile right is that it starts at the top.

Looking towards Middle Eastern financial institutions (FI), forward-thinking institutions are seeing that agile fits very well given the cultural affinity toward teamwork, alignment, and community – all of which are key to successful agile implementations.

Agile looks different in Middle Eastern FIs than it does in global counterparts, but it is based on the same fundamental agile principles of rapid delivery of value to customers and empowering teams. These forward-looking institutions are using agile ways of working to leap-frog their competitors by delivering truly customer-oriented solutions faster and with higher customer satisfaction.