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Critical Information Infrastructure Supply Chain Programme

Michael Tan Paul O’Rourke Michael Meyer Colin Teo Sugar Chan Lim Thian Chin Christopher Anthony Tracy Thng Sean Lai Ang Kar Min

In recent years, Singapore has witnessed digitalisation at an accelerated pace, which has given rise to increasingly complex interconnectivity in our supply chains. As organisations rapidly digitalise to unlock the benefits of technology, cyber threats are also growing in scale and sophistication, placing Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) and their cyber supply chain networks at increased risks.

However, the current approaches to vendor risk management processes are not future-ready to address these evolving challenges for CIIs, as organisations can no longer mitigate systemic cyber supply chain risks individually.

Together with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), BCG recently developed the CII Supply Chain Programme, a national programme which aims to mitigate cyber supply chain risks and uplift the cyber resilience of Singapore’s essential services through five foundational initiatives, including the roll out of a new tool kit for CII owners to help them identify and rate cyber supply chain risks.