Impact of increasing fertilizer prices on maize production in Kenya.jfif

Impact of Increasing Fertilizer Prices on Maize Production in Kenya

Mills Schenck Chris Mitchell Akshay Pant Tom Magara Raghav Gupta Carol Njiru-Wijenje Daphine Kinyua Michael Dunford Lauren Landis Arif Husain Siddharth Krishnaswamy Cinzia Monetta

Global fertilizer supply shocks since 2021 have increased fertilizer prices. WFP and BCG estimate that the 70% increase in Kenyan fertilizer prices from 2021-2022 will result in a 12% drop in national maize yields in 2022. Our report explores the areas in which food systems actors will need to focus support to sustainably increase maize yields and mitigate rising food insecurity.