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Relevance of On-chain Asset Tokenization in 'Crypto Winter'

Rajaram Suresh Sumit Kumar Darius Liu Bernhard Kronfellner Aaditya Kaul

Since scaling meteoric highs in market cap in November 2021, cryptocurrencies have been weathering a period of price volatility. Stakeholder response to the crypto winter has been further exacerbated by regulatory uncertainty across geographies, geopolitical turmoil, and unrealistic expectations of supernormal return on investments on DeFi projects.

Looking ahead, the funding outlook for DeFi/blockchain-based projects is expected to remain tight. However, despite the crash and the funding outlook, developer activity has continued to hold strong, indicating a resilient talent pool.

In collaboration with ADDX, BCG deep dives into what on-chain asset tokenization entails, where it stands against traditional fractionalization, and imperatives for stakeholders for on-chain asset tokenization to achieve growth, to uncover its relevance amid a ‘crypto winter’.