What Ocean Sustainability Means for Business

Dio Aufa Handoyo Nicolas Meyer Adrien Portafaix Dave Sivaprasad Verra Wijaya Gaia Felber Alfredo Giron-Nava Gim Huay Neo Gemma Parkes Kristian Teleki

The global economy heavily relies on the ocean, with around 90% of goods being transported by sea globally. Yet destruction, overexploitation and pollution continue to damage the ocean. If the pace of ocean deterioration that human-induced climate change and other human activities have caused is to be slowed, amendments must be made now. This report, written in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), highlights the positive change and growth that is possible with businesses and the G20 aiding in accelerating a sustainable ocean economy. The report outlines important initial steps that every company can take to contribute to a sustainable ocean economy. Making business operations more ocean-friendly, using influence to strengthen ocean governance and involving all stakeholders, can help advance a sustainable ocean economy. Those that take initiative and act early will benefit from pioneering opportunities as well as the chance to unlock value from this multi-trillion-dollar resource, ensuring a sustainable future for themselves and the ocean.