Accelerating Women's Professional Sports in Canada

Executive Summary
Around the world, professional women’s sport is a growing industry—one that offers a compelling investment opportunity paired with strong social benefits. Investment in Canada, however, has been slow to emerge relative to global counterparts like the USA, the UK, Europe, and Australia. In this first-of-its-kind study of the Canadian landscape, we present the business case for a thriving professional women’s sport market and a roadmap to get there.

Key insights

  1. Professional women’s sport is ripe for investment. It offers a unique and strong value proposition for investors in Canada, particularly those with a venture capital mindset.
  2. The Canadian professional women’s sport market of today is estimated to be $150-200 million and is significantly underdeveloped.
  3. Key Canadian target groups are starting to invest in professional women’s sport and fan interest is high.
  4. The path to a vibrant professional women’s sport market in Canada is through in-market leagues and teams.
Clear Opportunities for Investors
  1. Professional women’s sport is a growth market with a relatively low cost to enter and high potential for significant long-term upside, particularly relative to the traditional (i.e. men’s-focused) professional sport market.
  2. Professional women’s sport aligns strategically with emerging trends in fandom and consumer engagement, enabling investors to capitalize on the rapidly changing trends that are disrupting the traditional sport business model.
  3. Early investors have ample opportunity to shape the market, exert influence and create the conditions to help ensure positive outcomes.
  4. Led with intention, professional women’s sport supports corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives.
  5. A virtuous cycle between commercial and societal benefits will deliver value for a double-bottom-line strategy.