Climate Technology in Southeast Asia: Key to Unlocking the World’s Carbon Sink

Yulius Yulius Haikal Siregar Kimberly Subianto Dio Aufa Handoyo Gerasimos Singarimbun Natalia Rialucky Cecilia Natasya Rachman

Southeast Asia holds immense potential in combating climate change through the implementation of nature-based solutions (NbS). However, various challenges prevent widespread adoption. Encouragingly, the number of climate startups, which address various aspects of ecosystem challenges through the utilization of technology, is also increasing, though many are still in their nascent stages.

To expedite the uptake of NbS and climate technology in the region, the establishment of a thriving ecosystem is vital. BCG’s report, published in collaboration with Fairatmos, explores how harnessing the power of climate technology and NbS is pivotal to unlocking the vast carbon sink in Southeast Asia.