Women in Energy 2.0: Gender Diversity in the CEE-SEE Energy Sector

Zsófia Beck Andrea Pánczél

Gender equality, especially in leadership positions, while improving slightly over the past five years, still has a long way to go in the energy sector in Central and Eastern Europe, the survey of nearly 4,000 employees at 85 energy firms in the region shows. While 41% of STEM graduates are women, only 28% of those employed in the energy sector in CEE are female. Of board members, only 14% are women. To underpin corporate resilience, attitudes toward women in the energy sector must change. Putting successful energy-sector female leaders in the spotlight could help remedy poor female hiring figures. And the more women get hired, the more will eventually progress to leadership positions if they wish. The COVID pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the push for ESG accountability have led to levers that could support women in energy. What are the best-practice examples and how could we move forward?