Flattening the Curve

Anirban Mukherjee Vivek Adhia Shouvik Sen Manjot Chahal Varuni Shukla Aeshani Garg

A Report – Not Just About Reconditioning, but Unleashing Innovation at Scale for Circularity

Globally, we have consumed over half a trillion metric tonnes of virgin material, that has significantly stretched earth’s regenerative capacity. The world today is just about 9% circular, in spite of historic commitments across climate change, bio-diversity and pollution management. Our current trajectory has put us in a precarious position, straining the delicate balance of nature’s rejuvenating process. As we confront these harsh realities, it important to move away from a take-make-waste approach to a more circular, resource efficient economy. The dawn of Industry 5.0 has heralded unprecedented technological breakthroughs, across the vibrant landscape of India. Lighthouse initiatives including ambitious metal scrap recycling policies, use of alternative materials in cement and steel production, active consumer engagement on plastics and packaging, a buoyant apparel recycling and upcycling market have all showcased the potential that India can unlock, in decoupling economic growth and environmental degradation. As we stand on the brink of transformative change, BCG in partnership with ET is delighted to unveil “Flattening the Curve” – a visionary report that showcases priority sectors and circularity health across key waste streams to clearly pin-point gaps, opportunities and actionable insights. The report further sets out circularity ambition in the form of recommended recycling rates, for the country to set an exemplary leadership position for global collaboration and action.