DE&I: Socioeconomic Inclusion - Bridging Financial Backgrounds in Business | HERO

D&I: Socioeconomic Inclusion - Bridging Financial Backgrounds in Business

Gertie Find Laerkholm Asger Thomsen Christine Mering Thomas Helledi Pernille Frendorf Mathilde Lerche

This report presents findings on the importance of D&I in the workplace, emphasizing that true inclusivity goes beyond mere diversity metrics. The report highlights socioeconomic inclusion and reveals that employees from financially uncomfortable upbringings (FUU) experience lower levels of inclusion and higher attrition rates.

The report introduces the BLISS Index as a method to quantify inclusion and its impact on employee satisfaction, potential, and retention. To foster an inclusive culture for employees with FUU, companies must look at leadership behavior, equitable processes, and psychological safety.

Furthermore, the research underscores a symbiotic relationship between diversity and inclusion. By prioritizing both, companies can address systemic disparities and unlock their workforce's potential.