Argos - BCG Climate Transition Barometer 2024

European mid-market companies are making progress with their environmental transition: 17% of them invest now under a structured decarbonization plan against 11% in 2023.

The 2024 Argos x BCG barometer edition reveals that the maturity of European mid-market companies’ approach has increased and their plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have made progress. The results of the forthcoming European elections may affect the trajectory of businesses’ climate action. Accordingly, the vast majority of mid-market companies (85%) consider their emissions as important if not critical. For the second year in a row, over two thirds of them actually consider decarbonization as an opportunity. At the same time, their financial investments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions have increased significantly as a result of demand from clients and the economic benefits they gain. More than ever, they need support from their ecosystem to keep this trend going.