Navigating Business Building in Asia: Insights and Trends

Hanno Stegmann Aarish Netarwala Abby Zhang

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region, known for its dynamic and diverse market, stands at the forefront of global economic growth with expected contribution of 60% to the world's GDP growth in 2024. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses in the region to innovate and grow.

Our latest report, "Navigating Business Building in APAC," by BCG X, explores the unique challenges and strategies critical for leaders to accelerate their business building activities in the APAC region. The report identifies nine strategic assets assets—shared across three categories of Core Assets, Organizational and Collaborative Strength, and Technology capabilities—that are crucial for success.

A key finding of the report is the talent gap challenge, emphasizing the importance of a robust talent strategy, effective business-building methodologies, and a culture that fosters innovation as essential drivers for growth. Designed for corporate leaders aiming to leverage APAC's unique opportunities, this report delivers valuable insights and a practical framework for developing resilient business-building strategies in sync with the region's economic landscape.