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Cyberresilience—the ability to deter and withstand cyberattacks—is critical to our clients and their strategic ambitions.  Together with the World Economic Forum, we use the term cyberresilience to evoke the kind of long-term thinking that links cybersecurity and business strategy at every level, from the board and C-suite, to individual people, processes, and systems.

Cybersecurity Meets IT Risk Management
As digitization’s role in companies’ operations grows, vulnerability to data theft, leakage of intellectual property, and the like is growing apace. Many companies are underprepared.

How to Prepare for the Cyberattack That Is Coming to Your Company
Simulating cybersecurity events is one of the best ways for companies to both prevent attacks and prepare for attacks that do occur, according to research by BCG and MIT.

Report from Davos: Board Oversight of Cyberresilience
Boards can play a critical role in maximizing an organization’s cyberresilience—its ability to withstand and recover from security breaches.

Our Critical Infrastructure Is More Vulnerable Than Ever—It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way
At a time of unprecedented exposure, organizations that integrate cybersecurity into their culture and strategic planning will be the most resilient.

Ensuring Cybersecurity in the Electric Utility Industry
As electric utilities embrace intelligent digital networks, they become far more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The industry must act decisively, going well beyond cybersecurity basics.

Countering the Threat of Cyberattacks in Oil and Gas
Oil and gas companies face a far wider—and potentially more severe—spectrum of cyberthreats than companies in most other industries.


The Race for Real Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity threats move and change constantly, so companies must keep innovating to stay ahead of the cybercriminals, warns Theresa Payton, former White House CIO.

Time to Team Up
Cybersecurity coverage is a growth opportunity, but the real prize will go to insurers that join forces with IT security firms to create more value for their corporate clients.