Q: What's in it for BCG X?

A: BCG X Social Impact accelerator is an employee-led initiative. We are looking to make as much of a positive contribution to social and environmental causes as we can by leveraging our methodology, network, and talent. As a pro-bono initiative, we don’t take equity or any fee. The program is entirely free.

Q: Who would have ownership over my initiative if it’s chosen?

A: The ownership of the initiative is with the applicant. BCG X has no intentions to take ownership of any ideas (though that there might be other applicants or stakeholders with similar initiatives). Some of BCG X’s commercial work includes venture building; we may have, or will, build ventures which operate in the same field of your submitted ideas. If you think your idea needs specific protection, please do not submit it here but rather get in touch with us—we would be happy to clarify.

Q: Can I submit more than one initiative?

A: You certainly can! Feel free to submit multiple initiatives, but please make sure that your individual application forms are complete and comprehensive.

Q: Can I submit my application in another language than English?

A: Since we are an international company, the application process will be held in English. This is done to ensure employees across all our EMESA offices can fully understand your initiative and vote accordingly. If you prefer to submit in another language, we can accept applications in French or German—although following steps, and especially pitching, might need to be held in English. For other languages, please get in touch by sending an email to socialimpact@bcg.com and we will try to accommodate your request.

Q: How advanced does my initiative have to be?

A: We are accepting applications from initiatives in different stages of maturity and will adjust our support package accordingly. We unfortunately cannot accept brilliant ideas that still need to be developed by research or further work. We are looking for initiatives that have already taken (at least) the first step and have looked deeply into the domain in which they are playing. Ideally, you have a clear understanding of your vision, value proposition, and USPs. More mature initiatives that have already gained first traction are more than welcome to apply, as we would focus on helping you scale and accelerate your growth plan.

Q: When is the application deadline?

A: Applications are now open! The 2024 application deadline will be announced in the coming weeks.

Q: Ugh, the submission deadline is tight. Is there any other way to participate?

A: If you can't meet this submission deadline, there will be another round next year. Please be aware that the theme of our program will often change from year to year.

Q: Do I need to be located near one of your offices?

A: No! We run most of the process virtually, including work done after the initiative kicks off. We do expect a significant overlap of your working hours with the working times of our EMESA employees to ensure maximum collaboration. We also hope to conduct some activities and meetings in-person; your ability to be present in one of our hubs (especially Berlin, London, or Paris), for limited amounts of time, would have a positive impact on the collaboration success.

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