BCG Partners with MIT Media Lab

BCG is a consortium member at the MIT Media Lab, an academic department funded by industry members to develop and deploy an incredibly broad range of research. This partnership enables both BCG and our clients to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world fueled by emerging technologies.

For more than 30 years, MIT Media Lab researchers have created technologies to make lives safer, cleaner, healthier, fairer, and more productive. The lab fosters over 600 active projects covering all sectors, from blockchain to civic media.

BCG’s Collaborations with the MIT Media Lab

For four years, we have engaged with the MIT Media Lab by collaborating on projects, publishing reports, and connecting our clients and BCG teams with researchers for insight and inspiration.

Teaming with Artificial Intelligence

How do you measure the quality of relationships between team members? Sandy Pentland of the MIT Media Lab looks to artificial intelligence to quantify the ways in which we communicate with one another.

Leadership in the Age of AI

In the coming decade, corporate leaders should look to curate unconventional collaboration. Sandy Pentland explores how these leaders have a new role to play as "sense-makers" of data, not dictators of rules.

Affective Computing: Forecasting Human Mood

Artificial intelligence enables developments in new sciences such as affective computing. Rosalind Picard of the MIT Media Lab demonstrates how the true subtleties of human emotion can be uncovered by computers.

Pitfalls & Benefits of Affective Computing

While affective computing can provide great insight on emotions in the workplace, it is important to approach such sensitive data from the right angle. Rosalind Picard shares how companies can best utilize this unbiased map of their workers' daily experience.

Success Through Collective Learning

Companies must seek out innovative knowledge when building better business. César Hidalgo explores how this knowledge moves, and how collective learning provides real action.

Collective Learning for Leaders

César Hidalgo looks at how leaders can promote collective learning, while also removing common roadblocks as companies grow.

Digital Currency Initiative

BCG provides directed research funding to MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative (DCI), an interdisciplinary group of MIT Media Lab researchers, member companies, academics, and influencers on the revolutionary technology that is blockchain. As with the internet, blockchain technology has the potential to affect all aspects of business, from supply chains to financial transactions and audit trails.

Through our engagement with DCI, we strive to conduct fundamental research on blockchain and digital currency topics that address questions on security, stability, scalability, privacy, and the internal economics of these systems. To work toward this goal, BCG serves as a collaborator on two DCI working groups: health care applications and digital fiat currencies.

Learn More About BCG’s Projects with MIT Media Lab

DuoSkin Installation: Temporary Tattoo of the Future

DuoSkin Installation: Temporary Tattoo of the Future

DuoSkin Installation: Temporary Tattoo of the Future

Year Two: Mobility Revolution in the City of Boston

Year Two: Mobility Revolution in the City of Boston



Does Your Supply Chain Need a Blockchain?

A collaboration between MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and BCG found that the new technology can help manage increasingly complicated and fluid networks of manufacturers and suppliers at a time when transparency, speed, and agility are critical.

BCG Partners with MIT Media Lab