Expand Research 与领先的投资银行和财富管理机构合作

Expand Research 提供独特的决策支持服务,使金融市场能够开发、验证和执行更好的业务和技术战略。我们与世界前 30 家机构中的 26 家合作,使他们能够以更高的效率实现发展、竞争和运营。

Expand empowers organizations to grow, compete, and operate more effectively by delivering timely, actionable intelligence on trends evolving across the industry. And, by hosting forums and roundtables covering functional topics including technology, market data, operations, and risk and compliance, we build communities and networks to take those insights to market and to support industry participants.

Expand’s customized research helps firms mitigate risk by enabling them to benchmark themselves against their peers, gather market intelligence about new and innovative strategies, and recognize what best-in-class looks like. Expand, founded in 2001, sources its primary data directly from its clients. This, combined with years of experience in benchmarking, gives firms a deep understanding of their competitive position and provides actionable insight on how to improve.

Expand dedicates a comprehensive team to deliver results to each client, and each delivery team provides unrivaled levels of industry experience across segments (such as capital markets, investment banking, and asset and wealth management) and topics (such as resourcing, technology, and operations).

What Makes Expand Different

Our approach is unlike that of other benchmark providers, featuring unique data collection methodologies and report production processes:

  • Expand doesn’t utilize templates; instead, we ask firms to supply the raw data as they see it and store it.
  • Expand does not require clients to map their own data to a taxonomy. Doing so would leave things open to interpretation and lead to a lack of normalization.
  • Expand takes on the workload—after pulling data directly from where it is stored, we do the normalization, and mapping. and aggregation.
  • Expand iterates with clients to improve understanding of their data and to achieve the commonality needed to ensure like-for-like comparisons.
  • Expand has some of the most bespoke reports in the industry, tailoring outputs to suit each client’s needs.


Expand Research 与领先的投资银行和财富管理机构合作