BCG and Blue Bear Ventures – Transitions First (BBV-T1ST) Enter into a Strategic Partnership to Stimulate Collaboration between Corporates and Deep Tech Startups

PARIS—Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, today announced a strategic collaboration agreement with Blue Bear Ventures - Transitions First (BBV-T1ST), an innovative cross-border seed-stage venture capital fund. BBV-T1ST focuses on backing mission-driven founders-scientists who are accelerating industrial transitions in critical sectors such as manufacturing, food, and health.

“We are very pleased to deepen our collaboration with BBV-T1ST, which originated in 2021. This partnership is the natural next step for our Deep Tech practice, aimed at additional value creation both for our clients, and a vibrant deep tech ecosystem, by addressing society’s major challenges in a sustainable way,” said Jerome Moreau, a Partner and Director at BCG and leader of the firm's deep tech advisory and ecosystem activities.

As BBV-T1ST’s preferred consulting partner, BCG will enable the fund to deploy its investment thesis by supporting the evaluation and growth of their portfolio companies, as well as the overall development of a global deep tech ecosystem. Together, BBV-T1ST and BCG aim to build insights on investment trends, increase corporate impact against sustainability challenges, and ultimately accelerate industry transitions into sustainable business models.

“We are very honored to join forces with BCG. Nurturing symbiotic relationships between corporates and deep tech startups is the only way forward for a sustainable future,” said Marianne Abib-Pech, Managing Partner at BBV-T1ST.

Alic Chen, Managing Partner at BBV-T1ST added, “BCG's global leadership in deep tech, together with our distinctive cross-border approach, will undoubtedly accelerate the scaling of much-needed solutions to humanity’s pressing issues.”

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Blue Bear Ventures – Transitions First (BBV-T1ST) is an innovative cross-border seed-stage fund centered on regional innovation-rich clusters - Silicon Valley, France and Israel. Created by experienced entrepreneurial executives and scientists, BBV- T1ST was spun-off from UC Berkeley in 2018, invests in science-driven founders and bring them to international corporations to accelerate industrial transitions in humanity’s critical sectors. Focused on de-carbonizing manufacturing, sustainable food systems and scalable medicine, BBV-T1ST aims to impact and transform the way humans produce and consume.

Our team acts as a growth catalyst to fast-track deep tech start-ups through product market fit and industrial scaling challenges - helping them move from “kilos to tons”. Its leadership team is passionate about supporting founders thanks to a deep understanding of cross-border corporate environments and recognized expertise in leadership.

BBV- T1ST: Weaving together science-based innovators and best-in-class global corporates to bring transitions technologies to scale.


波士顿咨询公司(BCG)与商界以及社会领袖携手并肩,帮助他们在应对最严峻挑战的同时,把握千载难逢 的绝佳机遇。自1963年成立伊始,BCG便成为商业战略的开拓者和引领者。如今,BCG致力于帮助客户启动和落 实整体转型,使所有利益相关方收益——赋能组织增长、打造可持续的竞争优势、发挥积极的社会影响力。


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