Björn Burchert is part of BCG Platinion's Architecture leadership team. Platinion is a seamlessly integrated division of the Boston Consulting Group network, providing consulting services focused on the development and implementation of business-critical IT architecture and digital solutions. 

Björn's main areas of focus are IT architectures, data analytics, and software implementations. He designs microservice and cloud architectures, translates new mobility and automotive business models into technical solutions, manages agile software implementations, introduces DevOps, and helps clients scale AI in their organizations. He is an expert in automotive software and industrial goods product development solutions.

He is a leader in the firm's work in automotive software, and a member of BCG Platinion's Central Europe, Middle East, and Affiliates (CEMA) region Architecture Chapter Leadership team.

Björn previously worked as Data Scientist and Technology Consultant at Hewlett Packard.


  • MSc, business and process management, Reutlingen University 
  • BSc, applied computer science, Corporate State University Stuttgart