Hassen Benothman is the system lead for BCG Platinion in the Middle East. Platinion is a seamlessly integrated part of the Boston Consulting Group network, providing consulting services focused on the development and implementation of business-critical IT architecture and digital solutions. Hassen helps businesses and technology leaders implement innovative and disruptive digital solutions.

During his approximately 20 years in business and technology strategy, Hassen has had a strong focus on energy companies, the public sector, financial institutions, and other industries across Europe and the Middle East. He has led several end-to-end digital transformations covering digital strategy, operating model, innovation and design thinking, rapid prototyping and technology deployment, industry 4.0, data and digital platform, agile at scale, cybersecurity, and sourcing optimization and cost reduction. Prior to joining BCG, Hassen worked with Accenture and IBM in Europe.