Joanna Stringer joined Boston Consulting Group in September 2022. She is a member of the Consumer practice, and the lead for marketing, customer demand, and innovation, as well as customer experience (CX) in London.

Jo brings to the firm 25 years of experience in driving top-line growth helping clients optimize their relationships with customers and consumers, their marketing investments, and their brand assets. She combines her strongly analytical background with a deep understanding of the emotional aspects of decision making in order to deliver significant commercial impact from the combination of insight, data, creative assets, and technology.

While she has led many highly successful brand and marketing breakthrough projects in consumer products, she has also led her discipline in industries other than typically consumer-facing ones, including B2B services, technology, media, financial services, and insurance.

Jo often helps her clients use the success of an initial growth project to fund, drive, and deliver a larger scale consumer centric transformation. She has extensive international experience in both developed and emerging markets having lived and worked for a decade each in Asia and Europe.

Before coming to BCG, Jo held significant leadership roles at KPMG, WPP, and Omnicom; and founded, grew, and sold The Red Thread Group.