Ketil Gjerstad is the leader of Boston Consulting Group´s strategy business, one of the three business lines in the firm's Corporate Finance & Strategy (CFS) practice. Prior to this, he led the CFS practice in the Europe, Middle East, South America, and Africa region.

Ketil focuses on working with clients to unlock their full value potential by leveraging BCG’s expertise in strategic foresight and scenarios; corporate, portfolio, and capital market strategy; growth and innovation; end-to-end M&A including carveouts and integrations; and larger transformations and turnarounds. He brings a strong shareholder perspective to his work and has successfully supported CEOs and CFOs in a large range of industries.

Ketil is also a member of BCG's Principal Investors & Private Equity practice, and has supported more than 200 commercial due diligences (buy- and sell-side) for industrial and financial investors.