Laurence Birdsey is a core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Health Care and Operations practices, working with leading medtech and biopharma C-suite clients on large-scale transformations on a global scale. He holds leadership positions with both the North America Health Care Operations team and BCG’s Northeast Operations Center. Additionally, he is a key architect of BCG’s Quality Excellence initiative for health care clients. 

Laurence has led teams in multi-year supply chain transformations, most recently in developing a medtech client’s innovative collaborative manufacturing strategy that required an end-to-end operating model redesign across all relevant supply chain functions. From this experience and several others, Laurence has developed deep expertise in IT and enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategy for transactions, network consolidations, plant transition planning, and more. 

Before coming to the firm, Laurence was Executive Director of an international education non-profit that staffs and supports a network of bilingual schools in low-income areas of Central America.


  • MBA, Darden School, University of Virginia
  • BA, Davidson College
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience