Renee Laverdiere joined the Houston office of Boston Consulting Group in 2013. She is a member of BCG’s US Education, Employment, and Welfare leadership team and the Public Sector practice. Renee’s recent work for the firm includes supporting the Gates Foundation in analyzing the return on investment of different student success interventions, including digital learning, advising, and developmental education.

In her client work at BCG, Renee has analyzed the holistic return on investment (access, student outcomes, economics) for digital learning, technology-mediated advising reforms, and developmental educational reforms; and analyzed the market for digital courseware adoption—including recommendations for a large philanthropy to accelerate adoption and improve ROI for students and institutions.



  • PhD and MA, Mathematics, Rice University
  • BA, Mathematics, College of the Holy Cross


  • 2014: BCG Houston "Champagne Award" for outstanding client service and office contribution