Payam Djavdan is a senior expert in enterprise agility and ways of working, and a core member of the People & Organization practice at Boston Consulting Group. He has 30 years of experience leading strategic and complex transformations for large organizations. He joined the firm in October 2020.

Payam works with clients on large scale agile, operating model, and digital transformations, as well as governance and funding, leadership training, organizational design, and lean/operational excellence. He advises and upskills different levels including C-level leaders in client organizations in banking, pharma, retail, employment services, and insurance as they transform to new operating models and ways of working

Before joining BCG, Payam was the global head for Operating Model and Ways of Working at ING Bank, Program Director at ING Bank, Vice President Cards & Cash product management at Postbank, a Consultant at CAP Gemini, and a Senior Flight Simulator Engineer for Fokker Aircraft B.V.


  • MSc, aerospace engineering, Delft University of Technology


  • The Other Manager of the Year 2018