DEEP AI by BCG: Boosting Customer Value with AI

By enabling hyperpersonalized, end-to-end customer management—at scale—DEEP AI allows companies to extract up to 40% more lifetime value from their client portfolios.


DEEP AI takes the guesswork out of customer management by integrating artificial intelligence into every customer interaction and delivering real-time, AI-driven recommendations. DEEP AI is not just a technology product. It’s a customer transformation.

When we implement DEEP AI, we work with companies to develop a robust data and AI infrastructure, deploy BCG GAMMA's state-of-the-art AI assets, and pilot and launch AI-powered customer management campaigns. At the same time, we help clients with strategy and organization design, working closely with them to set a bold ambition, support new ways of working, and ensure that data and analytics inform every customer management decision. And because DEEP AI is modular, companies can integrate only what they need to complement the technology and capabilities they already have in place.

Benefits of Using DEEP AI in Customer Management

DEEP AI brings technology and humans together to support end-to-end, bionic customer management. It can be used by companies in a purely digital context, via call centers, and during in-person interactions.

AI engines can make automated, hyperpersonalized recommendations that promote new acquisitions, reduce churn, and drive up customer value. AI engines predict customer behaviors; deliver real-time upselling, cross-selling, and pricing recommendations; and inform test-learn-optimize campaigns.

By integrating AI in customer experience management, companies can achieve the following tangible benefits:

  • 50% increase in customer acquisition
  • 20% reduction in churn
  • 20% increase in adoption and utilization
  • 20% increase in upselling and cross-selling
  • 10% increase in price realization
  • 40% reduction in bad debt

The DEEP AI Approach

From nurture and retention to upsell and expansion, DEEP AI’s algorithms are designed to continually improve with every touchpoint and feedback. Each opportunity, interaction, and outcome enhance business and customer intelligence, turning customer management into an unlimited opportunity for incremental improvement.

Our Impact with Clients Using DEEP AI



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With DEEP AI engagements, we enlist a broad range of experts in AI, data and analytics, technology, innovation, marketing and sales, and change management. Here are some of our experts on DEEP AI.

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