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Thought leadership from BCG BrightHouse on business and organizational purpose can help you understand the power of purpose--and how to unleash it.

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Unlocking the Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose in Business

What is a company's purpose? How is purpose different from mission or vision? Ashley M. Grice, CEO of BCG Brighthouse, explores how the power of purpose pushes boundaries of innovation and brings clarity to every aspect of an organization.

"Two Minutes on Tuesday" with Rich Lesser

BCG's Rich Lesser describes the critical role that purpose plays in his conversations with business leaders today. Though barely discussed five to ten years ago, purpose is now a key imperative for companies--and it must extend beyond delivering value to shareholders.

How Purpose Can Empower Those in Public Service

How Purpose Can Empower Those in Public Service

New agency leaders who connect the work their people do with the impact it has on citizens’ lives can motivate their employees, drive progress on critical priorities—and boost overall organizational performance.

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