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Behind every product are raw materials, but we are using resources faster than nature can regenerate them. Circelligence by BCG helps companies become circular businesses and drive more value from fewer raw material inputs.

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Unleash the Value of the Circular Economy

The linear economy is a one-way street, and growth may soon hit a dead end; raw materials follow a “take-make-waste” journey—once spent, they’re out of play. In a circular economy, these materials find new life filling needs (not landfills). Circelligence by BCG helps companies master sustainability and the circular economy, sparking efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage. This transition to the circulate economy has the potential to unlock $4.5 trillion in GDP growth by 2030.

The circular economy sustains growth in a world of finite resources by turning value chains into value circles. Circularity lowers sourcing risks and costs, improves operational efficiencies, and opens the door to new products and market segments. But creating a circular business isn’t simple. A robust circular economy roadmap requires a holistic approach for every phase of a product’s life cycle. The challenge: understanding just how circular your business is and how to focus your efforts to create a circular strategy.


How Circelligence by BCG Works

Developed by BCG X and our circular economy consulting team, in partnership with SAP and battle-tested with BCG’s clients, Circelligence is now available as a standalone circular strategy solution running on SAP BTP. It’s part evaluative, part circular economy framework, providing an end-to-end assessment of a company’s circularity and helping leaders identify initiatives that create—and differentiate—a truly circular business.


Holistic Circular Economy Assessment

Circelligence by BCG calculates the circularity of a company to help clients on their climate change and sustainability journey by embedding circular economy concepts into their overall corporate strategy and enabling management to make informed circular investment decisions. The Circelligence tool is built around five key pillars:


The Benefits of Circelligence by BCG

A circular economy promotes sustainability, but it also creates business value. Circelligence by BCG helps you realize the full potential of circularity in a variety of ways:


Our Clients’ Success with Circularity

Across sectors and around the globe, BCG has helped companies accelerate their circularity journey. Here are some examples of our work—and results:

"Circelligence helped bring clarity to an extremely complex topic. It supported us in building a database of material use and flows which—beyond allowing us to calculate the circularity score—gave us deep insight into our material use."

Caroline Stern, Head of Circularity, Hilti


Meet Our Circular Economy Consulting Team

Our circular economy consulting experts help companies embed circular strategy—and perspective—into their business, culture, and path ahead with a circular economy roadmap. Meet some of our Circelligence by BCG team.

Headshot of BCG expert Chrissy O'Brien Managing Director & Partner

Chrissy O’Brien

Managing Director & Senior Partner


Headshot of BCG expert Holger Rubel

Holger Rubel

Managing Director & Senior Partner


Headshot of BCG expert Alexander Meyer zum Felde

Alexander Meyer zum Felde

Partner and Associate Director, Total Societal Impact & Sustainability & Circular Economy


david sayah headshot (1).jpeg

David Sayah

Managing Director & Partner


Jack Bugas

Jack Bugas




Miriam Benedi Díaz

Lead Knowledge Analyst


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