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Women in Tech

"Tech” is synonymous with opportunity. When women work and lead in tech, they capture—and contribute—their share of that potential.

The vast opportunity in tech reflects not only the far-reaching nature of the industry but also its sheer size: the market cap of the five biggest technology firms exceeds the combined GDP of several major economies. The tech industry is doing critical work, too, addressing climate change, improving health and education, advancing AI, and more. The impact of this work comes in part from the insights, skills, and leadership of women in tech.

When it comes to advancing women’s role in technology, however, there’s work to be done:

There’s no question that the tech industry benefits from the contributions of women. For one thing, adding more women to the workforce increases the overall amount of tech talent available, which is critical given that many tech fields report difficulties in filling positions. Women also bring valuable diversity of insight when they join tech teams, and diversity is a key ingredient in innovation and problem solving. And if tech is built only by men, tech solutions may not serve all of the population well, further illustrating the importance of women in tech.

To reap these benefits, organizations need to do more to attract women to tech jobsand to retain and promote them. BCG examines the role of women in tech in the articles below.

Our Insights on Women in Tech

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BCG's Ashley Dartnell and Sophie Lambin, CEO and Founder of Kite Insights, discuss a special report developed by BCG and the Women4STEM Daring Circle to better understand women's participation, leadership and impact in STEM.

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Women’s Path to Leadership in Tech

Companies facing intense competition for talent can take concrete steps to attract more women to tech and encourage them on their path to leadership.


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Companies can create the workforce they need—and increase the number of women in STEM leadership roles—by offering women more opportunities to build their skills.

Our Experts on Women in Tech

When it comes to advancing women in technology, we ask two key questions: Why? How? Our experts have the answers.