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Value Creation Strategy

Every leader wants to build a company that is simultaneously a great business and a great stock. Delivering on either of those aspirations is hard enough; delivering on both is a supremely difficult challenge. How do you do it? By crafting a comprehensive value creation strategy that aligns business strategy, financial strategy, and investor strategy.

Corporate Development & Finance

Jeff Kotzen on Value Creation Strategy

In this video, Kotzen highlights current trends in value creation strategy and offers suggestions for how companies can pressure-test business plans and financial policies to be certain they’re on the right track.

The best way to develop a robust value creation strategy is to take a holistic approach that addresses three important areas of the company—business strategy, financial policies, and interactions with investors.

The Global Value Creators Rankings 2017

BCG's corporate development team has been tracking value creation patterns globally since 1999—across industries, across geographies, and with a focus on larger-cap companies. In the 2017 rankings, BCG analyzes 2,400 companies across 32 different industries.

Business Strategy

Financial Strategy

Investor Strategy

Corporate Development & Finance
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