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BCG’s ValueScience® Center: Unleashing Value Creation with Analytics

When you optimize value creation, you maximize not only growth, but also strategy. BCG’s ValueScience® Center applies cutting-edge analytics to provide the insights that spark and propel competitive advantage.

These insights help shape and improve decision making and corporate strategy. By understanding how different plans and actions impact value creation, companies can zero in on the right choices, in everything from acquisitions to business models. BCG’s ValueScience® Center is the “analytical engine” behind our value creation consulting work. Together with clients, we develop and unleash advanced analytics to reveal the best path forward. By delivering rapid and targeted value creation analysis, we help companies deliver results.

BCG’s ValueScience® Center helps clients optimize future value creation through effective capital allocation and financial policies.

Our ValueScience® Center Solutions

We take a bionic approach, combining the best of human and technical capabilities. That means leveraging proprietary tools and techniques, in areas like corporate performance analytics, investment analysis analytics, and merger modeling analytics. But just as importantly, it means developing and empowering world-class talent. Our ValueScience® Center consultants aren’t drawn from other BCG teams; they are fulltime experts in value creation analysis. 

This approach lets us provide value creation insights quickly through highly automated solutions while tailoring those insights to a client’s specific circumstances and needs. It also gives us flexibility. We employ our tools and experts across the full range of valuation use cases: M&A target assessment, industry and client valuation and benchmarking, strategic plans and alternatives, investor analysis, and portfolio value audit and teardown, to name just a few.

Among our key solutions:

Our Insights from the ValueScience® Center

Value Creation in a Decarbonizing Economy

Value Creation in a Decarbonizing Economy

Exactly how the world will reach net zero is unknown, but at a macro level the science and economics define a pretty clear path. Given the magnitude of value at stake during the transition, many leaders are concluding that inaction may be the riskiest strategy of all.

Meet Our ValueScience® Center Team

ValueScience® Center consultants are embedded in BCG case teams across industries—and across the globe. Here are some of our experts.