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Me, Myself, and AI: A Podcast on Artificial Intelligence in Business

Why do only 10% of companies succeed with AI? For four years, BCG and MIT SMR have studied corporate adoption of artificial intelligence. The most recent research has found that 90% of organizations do not realize significant financial benefit from the technology. So, what are the other 10% doing right? Each episode of Me, Myself, and AI features a discussion with a leading practitioner helping his or her organization gain measurable value from AI.

Whether they work at a born-digital organization or (more often) a legacy company, our guests all have actionable insights to share. The series covers strategy, deployment, human-and-machine collaboration, and scaling. We also explore what first interested these leaders in AI, how they got to where they are today, and what keeps them excited about their field.


Operational Safety With AI: Chevron’s Ellen Nielsen

On this episode of Me, Myself, and AI, Ellen Nielsen, Chevron’s first chief data officer, outlines how the integrated energy company uses AI and machine learning technologies in the interest of enhancing worker and environmental safety as well as production efficiency.

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Season Eight

Miqdad Jaffer chief product officer at Shopify

Micro Utility With Gen AI: Shopify’s Miqdad Jaffer

On this episode of Me, Myself, and AI, Miqdad Jaffer, chief product officer at Shopify, describes how the company launched its first generative AI-driven product offerings for the merchants it serves to help them start, run, and grow their businesses.

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Entrepreneurial AI in the Enterprise: LG Nova’s Shilpa Prasad

Shilpa Prasad—entrepreneur in residence at LG Electronics’ innovation incubator, LG Nova—explains her role in identifying promising startups, supporting entrepreneurs, and scoping out new business opportunities for LG, and why artificial intelligence is at the forefront of this work.

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Fueling Interdisciplinary Innovation With AI: Volvo’s Anders Sjögren

Anders Sjögren, senior technical leader at Volvo Cars, discusses how the automaker applies data, analytics, and artificial intelligence to support innovative automotive engineering in areas like driver and passenger safety and sustainable vehicle design.

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Marketing With Generative AI: Harvard Business School’s Ayelet Israeli

Ayelet Israeli, the Marvin Bower Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, discusses the promise and limitations of using genAI to represent human participants in marketing studies, the subject of a paper Israeli co-wrote with two Microsoft researchers.

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