Akash Bhatia is part of the leadership team for Boston Consulting Group’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) practice. His main area of focus is enterprise software. In addition, he is the global leader of BCG’s growth tech business (essentially smaller software companies that are trying to scale).

Akash has over 20 years of experience in the enterprise software space, helping software companies on a number of topics including product portfolio, M&A due diligence, net revenue retention growth, and partner ecosystems. In the last decade at BCG, he has worked with software clients on the full range of BCG offerings, primarily in product and ecosystem. Akash has a history of leading the charge on disruptive topics in tech as they happen, including big data, IoT, blockchain, and most recently GenAI. He currently leads the Center for Disruptive Tech for the firm. He has helped grow BCG's presence in the growth-tech/mid-market space for the last five years and has spearheaded the engagement of a growing set of new clients.

In addition to consulting, Akash was an early employee of a VC-funded enterprise software startup (now part of IBM). He started his career working at NASA working on the (then new) Netscape suite of products. Akash is active in the tech space representing BCG at a number of conferences and publishing weekly on his blog and via a (roughly) monthly newsletter.