BCG’s Center for Growth and Innovation Analytics

BCG’s Center for Growth and Innovation Analytics mines vast, unstructured datasets to help clients spot their next big opportunity. The center’s team of world-class data scientists, intellectual property experts, and network analysts—aided by leading-edge tools and proprietary algorithms—seek to answer the essential question at the heart of growth strategy and innovation strategy: how do we win tomorrow?

The center’s collaborative, data-driven approach delivers actionable, customized insights. It helps clients:

  • Discover new ways to grow. Are there unexpected adjacencies where clients have a right to win?
  • Spot disruptions and emerging trends. Who are the key opinion leaders—and what’s on their minds? What are the major technology trends?
  • Find and assess partners and targets. Which companies, organizations, and researchers are best positioned in tomorrow’s technologies?
  • Unearth hot spots. Which emerging technologies and topics do our clients need to understand and embrace?
  • Stay ahead of rivals. How do our clients stack up relative to peers? Where are rivals placing bets? And which emerging players are most interesting or threatening?
  • Chart intellectual property strategy. Is our clients’ IP strategy aligned with business strategy? Can they project their IP into new sectors? Are there new opportunities to monetize their IP? Is their IP function world class?

To reveal insights, the center’s experts leverage proprietary metrics, models, and algorithms and deploy multiple analytical approaches:

  • Natural language processing to uncover latent patterns in vast troves of messy text data (such as scientific literature, news feeds, blogs, venture funding documents, patent applications, and social media posts).
  • Network analytics to reveal critical connections. Who are the key researchers in a domain? What are novel applications for a core technology? Which patents are the most valuable?
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to cast a wide net and quickly narrow down the list of companies, innovation, and initiatives with the greatest likelihood of success.
  • Geo-mapping and visualization to spotlight patterns, opportunities, and risks. Our partnership with analytics and visualization leader Quid also sets us apart.

Meet the Leaders of Our Center for Growth and Innovation Analytics

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