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Innovative companies take a holistic approach not just to product development but also to the way they do business, inside and out. Innovation strategies require forward-thinking ideation, agile collaboration, and seamless execution. Explore BCG’s thought leadership on innovation and product development to rethink your innovation strategy and delivery.

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Innovation Strategy and Delivery

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What Innovation Leaders Do Differently

Identifying high-value inventions or market opportunities and using them to launch new offerings can boost near-term performance and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

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Leadership with a Powerful Purpose

To build for the future, management teams need to embrace generative leadership and focus on the head, heart, and hands of the organization.


Innovation Without Borders Series

Martin Reeves argues that imagination is an untapped and essential resource for organizations. Listen for more imagination insights on The So What from BCG.

Corporate Venturing

Business Model Innovation

Product Innovation and Engineering

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