Ashish Garg is the leader of People & Organization practice in Asia-Pacific and a core member of the Financial Institutions and Public Sector practices. He leads BCG’s work in skilling, capital markets, and wealth management in India. 

Ashish has deep experience in new operating models, channels, organization structure, people strategies, and operations. He has been involved in numerous long-tenure transformation programs, as well as having led and delivered on very large programs. Recently, he led a complex three-way bank post-merger integration to realize the overall vision of the merger. The success of the PMI led to further mergers in the sector. In addition, Ashish is supporting an in-depth reforms agenda program for all public sector banks, covering a variety of facets, including building new-age digital capabilities. In the past, Ashish has been associated with many marquee clients as they enable digital government. In addition to his Indian clients—private sector, public sector, and multi-national corporations— Ashish has served clients in Europe, the US, Hong Kong, and mainland China. 

Ashish is experienced in skilling development and has been experimenting with many ideas including digital ecosystems, to solve complicated skilling issues through public-private partnerships. He currently serves on the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management in Sambalpur.


  • BEng, Special Class Railway Apprentice, Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jamalpur
  • MBA, finance, Institute of Management, Calcutta