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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Are Not Out of Reach

Prospects for achieving the SDGs by 2030 look dim. But innovation, technology, and creativity can turn the tide.

- We are on track to achieve just a few of the 17 SDGs—with progress moving slowly, or even reversing, for the vast majority of the goals.
- Action in five critical areas—including leveraging digital technology and tapping the power of the private sector—can build momentum.

The United Nations set the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 with an aim to deliver on them by 2030. We are at the midpoint, and the news is not good. Not one SDG has been achieved, and progress on most is too slow. But there are ways to accelerate the pace. We spoke with six BCG experts on how we can change the SDG trajectory. Here’s what they said.

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Maikel Wilms

Digital Can Accelerate Progress on the SDGs

Digital technology has the potential to advance sustainability efforts in a powerful way. To seize that opportunity, countries need to develop a comprehensive digital strategy.

Meet the Experts

Headshot of BCG expert Rich Hutchinson

Rich Hutchinson

Senior Managing Director and Partner and Social Impact Global Lead


Headshot of BCG expert Wendy Woods

Wendy Woods

Vice Chair, Social Impact, Climate & Sustainability; Managing Director & Senior Partner


Headshot of BCG expert Maikel Wilms

Maikel Wilms

Partner & Director



Qahir Dhanani

Managing Director & Partner

Washington, DC


Zoë Karl-Waithaka

Managing Director & Partner


Headshot of BCG expert Dave Sivaprasad

Dave Sivaprasad

Managing Director & Partner;
Southeast Asia Lead, Climate and Sustainability


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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Are Not Out of Reach