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Transforming the End-to-End Digital Journey

To transform the end-to-end digital journey, BCG reimagines the entire experience by addressing customers’ major pain points and unmet needs, deploying digital technologies, and streamlining underlying processes through techniques such as lean, automation, and robotics.

BCG’s unique approach to the end-to-end digital journey already delivers significant value in many industries. For example, a leading bank that partnered with BCG on adopting this approach has consequently transformed its performance from the third quartile to the top quartile—boosting profits by 60%, doubling enterprise value, achieving major process and customer experience improvements, and earning national awards.

Understanding the Context, Challenges, and Value

Digital is fundamentally changing industry dynamics by elevating customer expectations, increasing disruption by start-ups, and requiring engagement with evolving digital technologies. Transforming the end-to-end digital journey can help companies overcome widely-faced challenges and add value in three primary ways: enhancing the customer experience, increasing revenues, and decreasing the costs of full-time employees (FTEs).

Companies that transform end-to-end digital journeys can unleash fundamentally different customer experiences that are driven by a customer-centric vision as well as the digititalization of underlying processes through smart processing technologies.

An Overall Approach

BCG takes a customer-centric approach to transforming the end-to-end digital journey that is based on ethnographic research gathered in the field. This deep understanding of customers helps deliver improvements in cost, revenue, customer satisfaction, and operational metrics.

When orchestrating the transformation of an end-to-end digital journey BCG uses an industrial, modular, and iterative approach that consists of 5 phases:

  1. Baseline and Plan. In the initial phase, BCG helps define business objectives, set the scope of the transformation, formulate hypotheses, conduct ethnographic research, and leverage data analytics to map pain points and identify key opportunity areas.
  2. Ideate and Envision. This phase entails iterative prototyping with customers, value-impact forecasting, and prioritizing criteria based on their contribution to business value.
  3. Build and Refine a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In this phase, BCG helps conduct rapid iterative mockup testing, prioritize user stories, and develop an MVP version of the end-to-end digital customer journey through sprints and pilot deployment.
  4. Industrialize. BCG in this phase defines the target solution architecture, the target operating model, the training plan, the rollout plan, and the roadmap for future releases.
  5. Enable and Build Sustainable Digital Capabilities. This ongoing phase requires conducting IT assessment and gap analysis, fulfilling infrastructure needs, and building and rolling out the full platform.

During each of the 5 phases, BCG conducts immersive sessions with key stakeholders. These collaborative workshops focus on specific steps of transforming the end-to-end digital journey.

BCG’s proven approach delivers innovative and compelling customer experiences, combined with lean, efficient, and effective processes to meet customers’ needs.

BCG’s teams bring best-practice exemplars and innovative technologies to set high aspirations to improve processes, drive productivity gains, and enhance customer experiences. BCG is the global leader in building an enterprisewide agile capability.

Unique World-Class Digital Capabilities

BCG brings truly unique, integrated capabilities to help meet the challenges of transforming end-to-end digital journeys and realizing bottom-line results.

These derive not only from BCG’s core consulting practice but also from complementary BCG services and a network of partner organizations with whom we collaborate to provide:

  • Integrated capabilities to deliver tangible benefits and lasting impact
  • Insights and advanced analytics to enhance the customer experience and deepen the focus on transformation.
  • Enablement centers and tools to build persistent capabilities
  • Partnerships with accelerators and leading institutions

BCG's ecosystem offers the full spectrum of diverse competencies required to successfully transform end-to-end digital journeys.

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