A Data Driven Approach to Improve Customer Engagement

Shiv Choudhury Vikash Jain Shaleen Sinha Aneesh Reddy Jungkiu Choi Sandeep Bhalla

At BCG, our clients often ask us – “How best can we engage customers in their journey?”, “How to ensure a rewarding experience across the multiple touch points?” and “How can we leverage data and automation to accomplish these?”

There is, however, no single approach as guidance. To address this key unmet need for the first time, BCG, in collaboration with Capillary Technologies, has created a framework & survey tool to assess a firm’s maturity in Data Led Customer Engagement (DLCE) using our proprietary SHoP (Stop, Hold, Purchase) framework.

This report describes the nature of the problem, introduces the SHoP framework, and covers findings from a comprehensive assessment of over 100 companies that were administered the maturity assessment survey.

We have distilled the observations to help synthesize top priorities for steering a firm’s customer engagement strategy. We will also deep dive into Loyalty as a critical dimension for driving data led customer engagement, as it has emerged as a relatively least evolved dimension for companies today.