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The Evolution of Financial Services

Banken, Asset- und Vermögensmanager sowie sonstige Finanzinstitute sind von einem dramatischen Technologiewandel betroffen. Digitale Disruption bringt zahlreiche Herausforderungen, aber auch neue Möglichkeiten mit sich – aber wie lassen sich diese am besten nutzen? Erkunden Sie die aktuelle Vordenkerrolle von BCG in Bezug auf Finanzinstitute und erfahren Sie die Ansichten unserer Experten.

Featured Insights

Financial Institutions in Germany & Austria

Solving the AI Productivity Puzzle in Banking

There is a consensus in financial services that artificial intelligence (AI) is a potential game changer. However, its impact remains marginal rather than transformative, and few banks have translated its potential into material impact on the bottom line. This white paper bundles case studies of banks that achieved 10% - 20% increase in profit using advanced analytics and distills why they succeeded where others failed

Diskussionspapier BAIT: Bankaufsichtliche Anforderungen an die IT

Im November 2017 erfolgte die Veröffentlichung der „Bankaufsichtlichen Anforderungen an die IT“ (kurz: BAIT) durch die BaFin. Finanzinstitute stehen hier vor der Herausforderung eine entsprechende Umsetzung der Anforderungen sicherzustellen. Dieses Diskussionspapier gibt einen Überblick hinsichtlich der Anforderungen sowie konkrete Empfehlungen zur Umsetzung.

Compliance by Design: Banking's Unmissable Opportunity

Financial institutions face a rising tide of compliance regulation requiring them to fight financial crime and ensure proper employee conduct. The industry as a whole has faced hundreds of billions of dollars of fines over recent years for failing to take effective action. Many banks have responded, but at the cost of operational inefficiency and a more challenging customer experience.



COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Annual Flagship Reports

Retail Banking

The Sun Is Setting on Traditional Banking

The Sun Is Setting on Traditional Banking

The pandemic has accelerated the inevitable; the AI revolution is overtaking banking as we knew it. Banks that don’t transform stand to lose market share to faster, nimbler tech players.

How will financial institutions evolve? How will consumers bank ten years from now? Will digital natives redefine the landscape? Connect with us on LinkedIn to view our latest insights and share your ideas.


Asset & Wealth Management

How to Reduce the Wealth Gap between Black and White Americans

White families in the United States have a median wealth nearly 10 times greater than that of Black families. BCG Managing Director & Partner Kedra Newsom Reeves explores this racial wealth inequality, and outlines how financial institutions can support Black Americans.


Managing the Next Decade of Women’s Wealth

For too long, wealth managers have looked at the women’s segment through a marketing lens. But women don’t want pink products. They want individualized service. Advisors that fail to adapt will miss out on a $93 trillion opportunity.

Corporate Banking and Capital Markets


Reinventing Corporate and Investment Banks

CIBs that take action in six critical areas can dramatically improve their cost-to-income ratios and returns on equity, creating a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Payments and Transaction Banking


How Cashless Payments Help Economies Grow

Because digital solutions make it easier to send and receive money, they boost economic activity. Policymakers and companies should take steps now to accelerate adoption.


An Interactive Guide to Global Payments

The world of transaction banking and payments is being transformed. At stake are $1 trillion in new global revenues by 2027. Explore this interactive to learn how the market will evolve.

Hot Topics


Climate Should Not Be the Virus’s Next Victim

COVID-19 recovery efforts can contribute to solving two crises at once—if leaders direct recovery-focused investments toward sustainable infrastructure, green jobs, and environmental resilience.


ESG Commitments Are Here to Stay

For now, corporate sustainability spending may be curtailed. But investors believe that in the long run, ESG will remain a powerful driver of portfolio performance.

Expert Interviews

The Role of Microcredit in the Age of COVID-19

The Role of Microcredit in the Age of COVID-19

The Role of Microcredit in the Age of COVID-19

Alfa-Bank’s Michael Tuch on Transforming Customer Journeys

Alfa-Bank’s Michael Tuch on Transforming Customer Journeys

The Digital Metamorphoses in China

The Digital Metamorphoses in China

New Ways of Working in Banking

New Ways of Working in Banking

Tjun Tang on Digital Finance in China

Tjun Tang on Digital Finance in China

Transforming Retail Banks for the Digital Age

Transforming Retail Banks for the Digital Age

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